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The Journal of Interpretation (JOI) is a scholarly publication of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf that includes articles, research reports and commentaries relevant to the interpreting field. The JOI reflects a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the interpretation and translation of languages.

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Here is what one recent author had to say about publishing with the JOI:

“What was a real surprise to me was the quality of assistance, guidance, encouragement and know-how of everyone on your team. Even with the necessary anonymity, the reviewers' personal touches were evident. Together you and the team made this a remarkable process for me.” -Arlyn Anderson

Current Issue: Volume 25, Issue 1 (2016)



Editors' Preface
Sherry Shaw and Len Roberson


Effects of Early Exposure to Sign Language on the Biomechanics of Interpreting
Abigail Donner, Matthew Marshall, and Jacqueline Mozrall


Contextualized Recognition of Fingerspelled Words
Campbell McDermid, Lynn Finton, and Alexis Chasney

Issue Editorial Board


Len Roberson
Sherry Shaw