Although the 2020 showcase did not take place, the submissions that were to have been presented at the event are preserved here.

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Faculty Research that was submitted for April 9, 2020

Beyond the red pen: A functional grammar approach to evaluating the written language of deaf students

Jennifer Kilpatrick, University of North Florida

Business Creativity and Innovation: Perspectives and Best Practices

Leonard Ferman, University of North Florida

Cenozoic Vertebrate Biostratigraphy of South Carolina, USA, and Additions to the Fauna

L. Barry Albright Dr., University of North Florida
Albert Sanders Dr., The Charleston Museum
Robert Weems, United States Geological Survey
David Cicimurri, The South Carolina State Museum
James Knight, The South Carolina State Museum

Environmental Determinants of Chinese Development Finance in Africa

Joshua C. Gellers, University of North Florida
Chris Jeffords, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Florida and the 2016 Election of Donald J. Trump

Michael Binder
Matthew Corrigan, Jacksonville University

"Hacia un modelo para el marcado semántico de los textos marítimos de la época colonial"

Clayton McCarl

Interpreting as Ideologically-Structured Action: Collective Identity between Activist Interpreters and Protesters

Mark A. Halley PhD, NIC, University of North Florida

La Princesse Adrosis Fille de l'Empereur Hadrien: Sainte et Martyre

Laila Fares, UNF

One World

Laura Boilini

The Language Zone: Differentiating writing instruction for students who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing

Jennifer Renée Kilpatrick, University of North Florida

The Maternal Tug: Ambivalence, Identity, and Agency

Sarah LaChance Adams

The Voices of our Students-What we can Learn from Aspiring Leaders

Laura Boilini

Words matter: A qualitative content analysis of campus crime alerts and considerations for best practices

Jennifer Wesely, University of North Florida
Elizabeth Brown
Curtis Phills, University of North Florida